From school:

This is what our snow looks like:

Here’s a pic I took driving away from school:

Have you ever wondered what’s at the end of the road? Well, now you know.

Right before the end of the road, there’s a graveyard:

Halloween! I was a naughty nurse, because I already had the dress (I wear it all the time anyways):

My friend showed up dressed as a maid. She’s not the maid type. So I lent her a dress I used to use when I did more fetishy stuff:


  1. I love Little Bow Peep with the Naughty Nurse. Simply beautiful. It is like the angel and devil on each shoulder.

    Of course, what I like best about you is your mind. Your thoughts are amazing, and you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself on this blog. I love your knowledge of wild plants and of survival. I love the fact that you live in a van and are free to go where you please.

    Your blog fascinates me. Keep up the good work!


  2. Aw, cute! I’m going as a naughty Gryffindor. It’s rilly rilly adorable.

    I also wanted to say you shouldn’t give up hope on schools just yet. Some of us are there *because* the indoctrination process is dispirited bullshit.

  3. My mind *is* part of my body, Nick. 😆

    Sylvia, I still haven’t made up my mind. Those pics are from when I was there a couple weeks ago.

  4. Ahhh..but I never said your mind was not part of your body. I just said that your mind and musings are what keeps me reading this blog. :p In other words, your beauty is much more than skin deep.

    Somedays I wish I could break away and live in a van or a small hut or something….a la Thoreau. But I’m too tied down right now. Perhaps someday…..people like you keep me hoping that someday I will not be so tied down and can make the jump. 🙂

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