1. That wolf may love them, but he also looks like he’s messing with those bears just to be a little prick — he reminds me of my cousin when I was a kid, just bugging the hell out me to piss me off. Great footage. ~ Irish

  2. Survival, have you ever been around wolves? Or dogs? Look at how he is play bowing and trying to get the baby bears to chase him. Lone wolves don’t attack bears, and mama bears who are really defending their babies move about a gazillion times faster than that.

  3. Tara speaks the truth; wolves have much more in common with the average k-9 than most people think. He was definitely playing with the cubs, and while the mother looked like she was trying to defender her babies, she was doing so half-heartedly. She knew the wolf wasn’t posing a major threat.

    Nature, such a beautiful thing.

  4. Oh, what fun! Thanks so for posting that, Tara!! I too had read the wolf’s behavior as looking *exactly* like canine play– the play bows, especially!

    I had a moment of being confused about where the road killed elk carcass had come from, since there seemed to be no roads in view, until I realized that (doh!) it was bait, dragged to near the motion-sensitive camera, specifically so that animals would be hanging out in camera range… Yup, guess I’m tired!

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