Pictures Of The Last Few Days

(Ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen who may be at work at, say, a Catholic school or something: there follow some pictures of breasts, among other things. You may not want to scroll down until you go home or otherwise free yourself of such strict wage slavery.)

Look, it’s like bunk beds:

Dinner for two:

Cross reference here, and bonus points if you remember this stream from last year.

Mists Of The Arctic

Last night I got tipped in Salmon and Halibut. It’s quickly warming in the cooler, it’s raining outside, and I’m canning and eating it as fast as I can.


  1. LOL … I just check it from home now anyway … and I think that’s as artistic and classic of a shot as I’ve seen in any museum anyway. It reminds me of that Aphrodite painting by Botticelli:


    Hopefully that image worked, otherwise you can Google it.

    Also, the Artic Mist shot is brilliant … props, sister. ~ K

  2. Wonderful pictures! The nude is yummy and gorgeous, and I will look at that Arctic Mists picture next time we have a hot day here. The idea of being tipped in salmon and halibut is great but made me giggle – i have a funny mental picture of some salty old fisherman stuffing fish into your g-strings and garters…

  3. I relish the atmospheric pictures of the hobo lifestyle, especially the camping-related stuff, the shots of the inside of the camper and all that.

  4. haha lovely!

    i can’t wait to cook again. i made the soup you fed me and it came out pretty good- not as good though.

    i lov that waterfall pic. that was one of the most beautiful days of my existence, girl!

  5. great picks love the mist and the idea of being tiped in fish would love to hear how that came about

  6. Who is that in the nude? I’m just slack-jawed over it. It really does look like an old masters painting. It’s ridiculously gorgeous.

  7. OOOOhhhhhhh… missing Alaska 😥 ….can’t wait to go …..aaarrrggghhhh- not fast enough …. oh- and loved your “pre-self-censoring” comments for Irish —– IRISH, i will be contacting you soon 😉

  8. throwing your self up here like this.. a freedom, ney, a tiedown at bits and pieces… damn and damn… what I would give to lay open over the river..

    wouldn’t do any good to you to give a high five.. you got’s roads to drive and life to do.. but tellin ya right now… on this now internets and roads.. keep going on sister.. you do it well, ya, you do it well, fuck hell you do it good..

  9. Aw, thanks for all the compliments. The waterfall pic is of me, taken by Davka.

  10. Was the waterfall pic taken this year, or the last time that you were there?

    I recognized the spot immediately. It’s good to be able to return to the same stream over and over again – one of the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle.

    All of the shots are very nicely done – my kudos to your photographic eye.

    Using my amazing psychic powers, I forsee lots of fish soup in your future! 😀

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