Things in my new cabin

This was a weekend getaway kind of place for the people I bought it from, so they left all their weekend getting away stuff here. Also, there are things which belonged to the original owner, who died. This place has a pretty cool history, tho I haven’t figured it all out yet.

Here are some cool, strange, useful, or bizarre things that were waiting for me here:

– Bunk beds, a table, a defunct oil stove, and a huge 12-volt television with a tiny screen from the 80’s all in peices.
– A lifetime supply of paper plates and styrofoam cups.
– Screwed to the wall behind the woodstove: a thermostat!
– Two 151v solar panels that have been here since the eighties, a charge controller that still works (but it clicks) and a battery that reads 12.98v with my volt meter, but won’t discharge it. Also I get electricuted when trying to make it work. I am shunning that battery now.
– A propane stove and a propane light that I think leaks.
– Framed thank you cards from Iditarod mushers.
– A roll of fiberglass insulation and a bunch of extra siding.
– A bunch of identical sandals! Some of them fit me!
– A couple really old school freight sleds.
– Thigh high rubber boots that don’t fit me.
– A circular saw. Yet there’s no electricity to run it?
– Several coffee perculators, some pots, hand crank beaters, and some kitchen utensils I don’t understand.
– A rifle stock.
– Drawknife, hand saws, axe, and homemade maul.
– Lots of old metal tubs.
– An old garden that still grows rhubarb.
– A cheesy sign that says “Someone you love is a family. Someplace to go is home. Having both is a blessing.” I started to take it down but left it to remind me how blessed I am.

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