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The loud snort of an otter wakes me and I open my eyes: light, that means morning. Bro is on my leg.

“Morning,” I tell him. “Bro, morning.”

He snores.

I move my leg a little and he looks at me, then creeps up for morning snuggles. He still crawls in bed even though we’re not in the van anymore and he could stand up. We roll out of bed, which is hard because bed is a half inflated air matress that the previous owners left behind, and walk straight outside and pee together, watching the otters dance their morning play. They snort, grunt, and chuckle while they dive under each other. The other day when Bro was trying to dislodge a big tree the beavers had stuck in the mud at the bottom of the river they came out and seemed to be making fun of him. Bro, being Bro, was not distracted from The Ultimate Stick.

There’s fresh bear poop full of cranberries behind the cabin, just like every morning. At first Bro and I slept outside, but outside seems to belong to a bear at night and sleeping inside is probably the respectful thing, so we do it.

On the way back inside I turn the propane on. It leaks somewhere in the house, and I can’t find it even with my best soapy water investigations. I think it might be one of the lights. It doesn’t matter tho, I just turn it on and off outside when I use the stove. For breakfast I scramble up some eggs with a jar of halibut I canned earlier this summer and an onion, potato, and garlic. It’ll be lunch and dinner, too. I make hot water at the same time, and turn the propane back off. Dishes. This place came with a lot of dirty dishes and a stockpile of paper and plastic dishes. Also a lot of useful things.

Bro and I go for a long walk, down past where the person before the person before me used to have a garden to where the beavers have chewed down a bunch of big birch trees that get stuck in other trees or for whatever reason just don’t make it to the water. So they chew down more. Then we go on another trail, up up up to a little bluff.

Then we come home and I chop wood while Bro investigates possible Ultimate Sticks in the river.

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