Loving Every Detail

In my new life my boats ride to town just called. He’s going tomorrow.

You see, Helga doesn’t have a hitch, so in order to get to town to get fixed, my boat has to catch a ride behind Someone Elses Truck. That someone else just called, and I have to get all my stuff together and meet him at the boat dock in the village up the river in a bit.

Hopefully they’ll have everything they need to fix my boat and I’ll be back out here by tomorrow night. But if not – well, I’m bringing Helga and my stripper bag. I’ve got debt now, I should take every opportunity to work.

I absolutely love that I just got this phone call and now I’m running around loading stripper stuff into a boat.

All day I’ve been wandering around falling in love with every detail of this place. The mud, the birch trees, the spruce, the way this one birch tree fell perfectly into the space between two sister birch tree’s and the leaves burst forth between the two. I adore how the bear and I leave each other little things (me: compost, him: poop) but still keep a very respectful distance from each other.

I’m glad my detail loving has come back. It had went missing for a while.

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  1. This seems like a good time to say what I thought of the night after I left my last comment: congratulations to your landbase! I’m glad a beautiful piece of this world gets to have you as its human cohabitant!


  2. Been reading for months now. Love your writing and your outlook on life. Everything sounds perfect…Congratulations. Be Happy!

  3. Knowing your vast skills in the backcountry I reluctantly post that I have found it not to wise leaving any food for wild animals

  4. hi tara ~ i’ve been reading your blog for a while now and i really appreciate and admire the way you’ve chosen to live. i’ve just started a blog called Sweet Solitude which celebrates the joys of solitude (in the company of dogs) and singledom, and on it i have linked to your blog. please check it out:


    congratulations on your wonderful cabin and land. it is so great to have a place of one’s own!


  5. I second the opinion of -x- …. i love your blog and have been reading for a couple of months but this bear space sharing thing worries me. I live in the mountains (so I sort of know about these issues) and we hear of/deal with habituated animals all the time; it’s just not really a good idea long term for your safety. I know you know this – but please be diligent before you become the leftover bear scraps.

  6. hey tara –

    a big congrats on getting your own land! that is so exciting!!!! been smiling about it a lot lately! its like having a kid or something….getting landed is HUGE!

    wishing you the best!!

    <3 erin and julia

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