The best flashlight I've ever had

If you’re any kind of vehicle dweller, or even a camper, you’ve had that journey to the perfect flashlight. You probably start out with mag lights, or the big lights every carpenter/mechanic has laying around. And they work great. They give off lots of light. They might even be handy for stashing valuables. But they’re awful heavy, and the batteries run out so fast. So you get one of those little LED lights from a truck stop. It says it’ll last forever. But you can’t friggin see anything with it. My mother understands the flashlight quest, and for over a while I got flashlights from her for every birthday and christmas. That was great. There were miniature lanterns (too slippery, easily lost, and indiscriminately throw light in every direction), book lights (battery’s died so fast), and adjustable LED’s. My girlfriend at the time was in on the quest for the perfect flashlight, and for a time we focused all our consumerism on flashlights.

I still remember when we discovered the perfect flashlight. We were in WalMart in Whitehorse, Canada, having just traversed some dangerous terrain and weird electrical problems. We thought we’d fixed our electrical problem (new solenoid, duh) and we decided we deserved to go buy something. It turned out we hadn’t fixed our problem (wrong solenoid, duh), but we bought a flashlight anyways. I haven’t bought a flashlight since. It’s perfect. It illuminates brightly but softly in three directions, it doesn’t get lost or fall from where I put it, cause it’s yellow and has great rubbery grip things. If I point it at a book, it points at the book and there isn’t much stray light. But if I just set it on the bed, it lights up the whole van.

Here it is:


  1. OMG! I can so relate…. did I ever tell you about the best gift I got stripping? …. I was in the Silver Dollar Bar on main street in Mandan, North Dakota … a nice, funny gentle soul who called himself Tiwi(Tiwi, the TYWA- “throw your watch away” group) who looked exactly like a 50 something Benjamin Franklin, had this this penlight in his pocket which I thought was a pen. He offered it to me as a gift, upon my amazement with it’s acute abilities. That was 4 years ago; I had it in Alaska with us this summer, and it is currently in my purse right now!!Ahh!! the power of light 😆

  2. I have a special love for my flashlight also. Don’t have the need for multiple uses but is mainly used for those midnight whelpings. I never take a bitch out for a walk without my flashlight, I had one switch from a pee break to having a pup. She started to just walk away, she is a good mom so I wonder if she didn’t realize what she did. Anyhow my light is a large square one that uses those big square batteries and the flashlight seems to work better every time I drop it.

  3. Heh, the things that happen in North Dakota.

    Lizzie… I bet that’s cause it’s round. 😉

  4. I always went for the big mag so I could use it as a weapon as well. I’m sure I would have been too pussy to reach for it in a real pinch, but having it tucked safely out of sight behind my driver’s seat somehow made me feel better. But, yeah, trying to hold that thing up while you read a book really sucked. I would always kind of prop it on my head and get mesh marks on my bald scalp. If I ever get another van, I’m going for your recommendation.

  5. I just ordered this light purely on your recommendation. I’m hoping for the best. You should get some money for linking me to it. Oh – I got the Smart Mug too. Nice work making widgets seem irresistible.

  6. My perfect flashlight is one of those wind up crank ones because I am crappy at remembering batteries. It’s got LEDs in it and they’re quite bright. If I want to use it as a lantern, I pop it inside a white plastic carrier bag. I’m not sure why (elfin magic?) but if you make the carrier bag round like a lantern and put a flashlight in it, it illuminates a LOT more and the light is ambient like.

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