She said it so well

You know everything I try to say with all the “strippers I have loved” business? Well, it’s all been said perfectly in one paragraph by the Bare Bohemian. Check it out.


  1. AAAhhhhhhh….. put so well 🙄 😕 alas, that is one of the truest, most raw things observed so eloquintly by one of our own …and somewhat sad if I may so. In a world where we are only reading eachothers’ headlines and press releases, I am glad to know you Hobostripper, where I dare say,you inspire me daily and know me better than most of the world! 😉

  2. What a beautifully written piece. But if you truly know someone’s innermost soul, could you love them anyway?

  3. Of course you could, Lizzie. It’s the acquired-along-the-way things that are annoying about people.

    Gypsy… you know your commenting doesn’t work? For me, anyways?

  4. No, it says “Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment.” Maybe in your users/permissions section?

  5. I’m not new to the world of stripping, (I danced for 10 years up until ’05) but new to yours. Thanks for your own eloquence and the link to this piece, which sums up a relationship i’ve tried many times to explain to people outside the biz. There’s something about the immediacy of this work, where the intimate present becomes magnified. Almost in the same way that customers have a fantasy moment with you, you have a fantasy moment with these women whose confidence you enter, in a bond that is intense but temporary. It’s such a unique relationship, and I miss it more than almost anything else about dancing.

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