roadside pictures

First, for everyone who’s worried about finding a place to park for the night in Alaska. I took this picture at one of those little roadside pull-offs:

Driving into the fire… look at the sky:

It was a flowery kind of day…

Look at these roses! They’re taller than me.

See these purple flowers? They have two kinds of leaves on the same plant, and they’re much more purple in real life than they are on the screen… does anyone know what they are?

While we’re on purple mystery flowers… what’s this? Oysterleaf? It grows by the ocean…

Look! Plants can grow in the ocean! I’m rather amazed by plants most of the time.

Snapped from the van:

The whole river is like this for as far as you can see, or drive. Why aren’t all these guys in the club at night?

Beloved Lupine:


  1. i love seeing your pictures. those purple flowers, i dont know, they KIND of look like geranium flowers, and the kind of palmate hand shaped leave that shows up looks geranium like, but usually the flowers are pinky purple, not bluey purple.
    and i’ve never seen them with two kinds of leaves.
    i know that valerian gets two different shaped leaves, the basal leaves are different from the mature stem leaves.

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