Little miracles

Today I saw a quote in a bookstore that said

There are two ways to live your life.
One as though nothing is a miracle.
The other as though everything is.

I want to write it on a pretty piece of paper and tape it to my ceiling.

I also saw an amazing collage-ish thing at an art gallery today. It was called “Cosmic Fish Camp,” and it looked like this mythical beautiful fish camp surrounded by ravens, and there was a quote on it that said:

To people who have tragically grown up
in a world devoid of magical cosmology.

(The artists name is Barbara Milan, by the way, and if you live in a house with walls you should perhaps consider purchasing some of her work. If you can find her on the internet, that is. I can’t.)

I found wild chives growing in two parking lots, and chocolate lilies along the road. Bro barked at a man who was looking in the van while I was laying in bed writing in my journal and totally ignored a whole passel of kids who were jostling the van while climbing into their van parked next to us. He is so wise sometimes. I got a call from home: two dui’s, one impending wedding, one person hooked up with a new lover who jacks her money to get all coked up, one precocious god baby, and one night around the campfire singing songs and telling stories. I am convinced that someday everyone I love will grow wings and turn into angels and I will be their earthbound worshipper.

A stripper called to say that another stripper told everyone about our secret little club up here and now there are four floridian brunettes on their way up here. I’m so dying my hair. But do I henna at home, or get nice chemical highlights at a salon? Ah, the quandary’s of a hobo stripper.

My friend called to see if I want to go on a backpacking trip, and my mom emailed to see if I wanted to go to the Alaska Herb Conference with her (unfortunately it falls right in the middle of prime money making season).

The rain came, went, and came again, coating all the flowers in fat, pregnant crystals. I went for a walk through the drenched elder bushes and saw chocolate lilies, geraniums, forget me nots, star flowers, and skunk cabbage. A mama moose surprised me and I surprised her back. Then we eyed each other from across the field and forgave, both of us settling back into our love of the elders. Her calf stood by, looking back and forth at us, confused.

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