I feel kinda skeevy about the pics I posted yesterday…

I always see these tourists in cars taking pictures. I mean, they don’t even look at things, they just stay safely in their car, pause for long enough to snap a shot, and off they go again. You can see the camera starting to come up before they’ve even stopped.

I love Alaska and I know that if they would just get out of their cars and put down the creepy camera and talk to her they would love her too. Really love her, you know, not just in pictures. Instead it feels like they’re sneaking up to her bedroom window and peeking in, then running away. I want to tell them, “hey, get out of the car, put the camera down. You don’t have to sneak up on her, you could just go say hi.” Cause I know my Alaska and I know she’d totally engage with them and make them love her if they’d give it half a chance.

Of course I never say anything cause I realise that people are just where they’re at. Better to come out and take pictures of animals than to stay home in the city thinking of animals as part of this big abstract Nature thing, right?

I didn’t take pictures at all for a long time. I had a girlfriend who took lots of pictures and I thought it was kind of creepy. I’d rather experience something than take a picture of what I would be experiencing if I weren’t busy taking a picture. Lately I’ve started to wish I had more pictures of the last year, tho. To jog my memory or just to have proof that some things really did happen. And, blog-wise, I realise that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So I’m taking pictures. I get out of the van and I sit with a place before I do, and I always ask first.

Just so y’all know.


  1. I never took alot of pictures either. I have tried a few times to be more of a photographer but like you mentioned in your blog it made me feel like I was missing out on the moment.

    Sometimes now though I wish I had more photos of days past. I suppose when it comes to taking photos without being removed from that present moment it is like most things in life- there just needs to be a balance of sorts found.

    I also wanted to say what a pleasure it was to come across your blog today. I always enjoyed reading your thoughts on the other website and found you to be a savy and kindhearted woman.

    All the best to you in everything you do and all those whom you care for and love,

    Tiger Lily

  2. I’ve found that I wish I had a few more pictures, as well – of people, places, and things that I could use just a little visual cue to help remember.

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