Forever Dancing

“I think that’s the number one most valuable life skill, running,” I say as I flop down on her bed. She’s a stripper from the rain forest who came to Alaska to get away from an abusive man, but now she wants to go back. I’m proud of her for running at all. So many… Continue reading Forever Dancing

Vibrator Review: Iris

Isn’t it beautiful? This is definitely the peak of my Vibe Review experience so far. The Iris has two different vibratey things in it – one at the tip, and one at the base. It’s got all kinds of controls, too. There’s a vibration strength control, so you can choose the intensity of the vibration.… Continue reading Vibrator Review: Iris

Strippers are Awesome

A long time back I worked with this amazing super stripper. She was that girl, the one who was always in the lap dance room all night long. If you asked her how she’d give you a bunch of great sales and marketing advice, but if you watched her you could see that it was… Continue reading Strippers are Awesome