Broke Down In Glennallen

I wrote a silly song about being broken down:

I’m broke down in Glennallen
Holiday weekend and the shop is closed
Twenty below and I’m getting real cold
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen

Got this pretty gold card so I called triple A
my van won’t start could ya get me outta here
they said it’s more than a hundred miles to anywhere
an I’ll just hafta stay where I am
Broke down in Glennallen


Took my van apart can’t get it back together
My waters all froze and my dogs eatin snow
Propane turned to slush so my stove won’t work
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen


Took a walk down to the corner store
They’re open all night said I could hang for a while
Then the boy says… ma’am, do you know Jeeesus?
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen


Layin in bed but it’s too cold to sleep
My dogs under the covers an he’s shiverin too
We shake all night and we’re warm by morning
Oh, I’m sleepless in Glennallen


Hitched a ride up to the coner store
Got a 13mm deep well socket and some starter fluid
Stuck my thumb back out and a man said
Why’s a girl like you hitchiking in a town like this?
Cause I’m broke down in Glennallen


Starter fluid doesn’t work and the distributor cap’s fine,
There’s spark feul and crank but the van won’t start
It’s snowing on the air filter and there’s ice on everything
Oh, I’m broke down in glenallen


Wish I had one a them computers that tells you what’s wrong
I don’t understand barometrick pressure and my Chiltons don’t explain
Now my fingers are froze and my dogs eating snow
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen


Played some poker with these crazy Jesus freaks
Listened to their bigotry just to stay out of the cold
Why can’t they just be potheads like the rest of the state?
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen


Now I’ve been here for days and the shop is finally open
They say the feul pump is bad but there ain’t another in town
Hafta get one from the big city and it’ll take a few days
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen


The weathers getting warmer an my stove works again
When I woke up this morning my hot water bottle wasn’t froze
So I’m making snow angels and my dogs still eating snow
Oh, I’m broke down in Glennallen

And, you know, it just goes on forever. Cause that’s how long I was in Glennallen.


  1. T,

    Glad yer back on the road … Thinking about a solid-fuel stove? … Thanks for the poetry … Happy trails, Rick

  2. You are doing great not burning the damn town down. Hell, even I’m tired of it and I’ve only visited via your blog. Can’t imagine how tired you must be of it.

    Good luck on your trip south.


  3. Kate, yeah. I future posted all the broke down stuff before heading into Canada and after being broken down. Sorry for any confusion…

  4. Oh. My. Goddess!

    What a place to be broke down in…I guess it beats living there full time.
    If you’re in Montana I have a sister friend you would likely get along real well with.
    let me know.

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