Breaking Through

From there it was all coasting uphill.

It warmed up to a balmy thirty degrees for the rest of the weekend, I discovered a grocery store a couple miles away and got a rotisserie chicken. I left Bro tied outside a store for the very first time ever (normally I’m too paranoid for that, even if this is Alaska and everyone does it, but the grocery store and possibility of warm food overcame my paranoia).

I talked to my friend in the big city, who awwed and complained what an awful town I was in, where no one would save a broke down girl sleeping outside at twenty below. Another friend shared that Alaska has one of the highest per capita rates of internet access, even though we have the lowest per capita rate of running water.

I even braved the other gas station and played poker with Jesus boy, who knocked himself down to a friendly roar.

On Monday, they looked at the van and diagnosed a bad feul pump, which is definitely something I would never be able to fix myself on the side of the road or otherwise. It took a day for the part to come from the big city, and now I’m outta here. For real. 😆


  1. Glad you’re all fixed! I have a bucket of questions for you… I’m gonna email them rather than leave them in the comments. 🙂

  2. Glad things are better Tara. That’s the first time I’ve been worried for you, when you had to eat an apple in the freezing cold instead of healthy hot food.

    (I hate when that happens, you really need good food and you can only find crapolla or apples)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog awhile back and in the most real way we are similar and yet as different as two Alaskan women can be. I am inspired by your desire to live life. You are incredibly gifted at expressing yourself and surviving. I hope you find great ‘joy’ on your journey down the road, be safe and keep warm and please keep sharing.

  4. Thanks, Alaska lady. Might we know each other?

    SK, yeah, I was worried about me too for a minute. Luckily it turned out to be mostly hormonal. 😆

    yzz… hmm… never got an email?

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