Yummy Van Foods

I realized today how often I photograph my food. I just like food so much, and I get proud of all the good food I make.

Here’s what I had for breakfast yesterday. Have I mentioned I love my 12 volt pan? Just put the salmon in, drive a couple exits, flip the salmon and add the eggs, drive a couple more exits and eat.

Salmon and Eggs for Breakfast

Sometimes you just have to pull over and break out all the cooking stuff and make a big pot of yumminess. This is best to do in cool weather, so your big pot of yumminess doesn’t go bad.

Good food in good places

I cooked on this stove in a squatter cabin that I stayed in for a little while.

Squatter cabin cooking

At the top of the mountain, in that breif hour of darkness waiting for a rare sunrise.

Dinner, waiting for sunrise

This is what I did while Katie was recovering from surgery. I love canning, because later when I don’t feel like cooking I can just pop the jars up on the defroster and have warm dinner in a few minutes.

Canning at Katie\'s<

My mother used to cook on this stove. Now it’s dead.

Breakfast today. Leftover chili from last night (that I canned at Katie’s), onion, garlic, and egg. Stir. I love my 12-volt pan.


  1. That looks yummy! I wish that I had the inventfulness to be able to cook a meal like that with simple cookware (I hate to admit it but I consider myself the “microwave queen).

    Take care and have a great day!

    Blessed Be!!

  2. :mrgreen:

    Jeeze tara…you are makin me want to hit the road and be a travelling stripper….except I am not a woman…have kids…and am tied up…LOL.

    I will use your knowledge camping with my kids this year…love the 12 volt pan.

  3. That’s awesome, I’m so tempted to get one of those pans! 😀
    We’ve got an adapter for our van that you can plug into the cigarette lighter & it converts it to AC power, which is awesome 😀

  4. Perfect timing with this post. I’ve just been trying to decide what to buy because I need to be able to do a little bit of cooking on the road. I stopped by a truck stop and saw what they had (before reading this post) and liked the roadpro stuff, (I think you’ve recommended them to me before but I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it). I was tempted by the little crock pot, but I’m thinking I don’t have enough extra room in the van to justify buying something that will take so much space and really often.

    But the pot (as opposed to the skillet you’ve got) looks just about right. Then I can also boil up water whenever I want.

    Do you have just the skillet or is there a pair of appliances you’d recommend?

  5. I have yet to master the fine art of canning. That picture is glorious!

    Oh, and I think that chili omelettes are far too under-rated…I’m not a big meat-eater, but there’s something about a chili omelette with home fries and onions that hits the palate just right…plus, it usually fills me enough for two meals.

  6. Jessica,

    The RoadPro crockpot sucks. Your food will barely be warm after hours of driving. If I were going to get another thing it would be the RoadPro lunchbox oven. I don’t have one, but I’ve heard good reviews. You can just warm stuff up or bake a casserole. I know you don’t like the SmartMug, but I use mine as a crockpot if I’m driving for a while. It works great.

  7. I liked the idea of the SmartMug, it just took forever. But mine may have been defective from the beginning because it’s broken now.

    I think the next time I see it I’ll get the RoadPro pot. I’d probably use that a fair amount. I agree, the oven looks pretty sweet. I’ll have to see how big it is when I’m at the store and debate it for a while. We’ll see how the pot does on the road.

  8. I just love that picture of the house with all the jars lined up. Is that the house you grew up in? What nice pictures.

  9. No, Callie, it’s Kate’s house. I canned a bunch while I was visiting her cause I was going crazy from being in a house so much.

  10. oh thats your friend Kate’s house! I love the look of all the jars lined up. I wondered what was in the red jars? It looks like a yummy strawberry or rhubarb thingy….

  11. Oh wow! I love both beets and sweet potatoes but never would have thought to combine the two! What a brilliant idea~!
    Anything else in there? Do you simply roast the them up and put them together?

  12. Nope, just beets, sweet potatoes, and water. I boil instead of roasting. It’s good with miso, tho.

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