When the going get's tough…

The tough get nails.

I’m serious, look.


Aren’t they pretty? I had the woman do them short enough that I can still function, and they give me magical back-of-the-neck stroking powers at work.

A stripper-friend of mine got here last night. She set up a tent up where I’ve been parking on a friends property (I’ve even set up a kitchen tent, which is some major stability for me). It’s awesome. Stripper tent city. I woke up this morning and she was gone. Even more awesome, cause as much as I love people and like hanging out with them I hate when I have to stop and think about what someone else is doing all the time – like, do they need a ride here or there or do I have to coordinate what I’m doing with what they’re doing? People who can entertain and take care of themselves but are still fun to hang out with are the best.

I finally found monkeyflowers (joy!) growing down by the river. I’d been looking along streams, but I guess they like it better on steep river banks. They’re so happy it’s hard to pick them (I have that problem with a lot of plants – I hate killing them). You can tincture the whole plant tho, so I didn’t have to pick many.


I took that pic by sticking my camera lense thingy down inside the neck of the jar.


  1. Thanks Laurel! My lil sister gave me the ring and I wear it almost always. 🙂

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