The end of a good customer.

There’s this guy, we’ll call him John.

Last year John was one of my favorite customers. He was a little lonely and starved for touch. John would talk about how his dog was the only one who would snuggle with him and he begged to give me foot rubs. Every time he came into the club he would buy me drinks (in the politics of this club it’s important to sell “ladies drinks”) and spend a hundred bucks on lapdances. During dances John loved nothing more than to put his cheek against my stomach and move his face really slowly back and forth. When he saw me and my girlfriend hitchiking around getting parts for the bus he’d give us rides and be really cool about it. And he brought me fresh picked blueberries and home smoked salmon all the time.

In return for all his coolness, I charged him my absolute lowest lapdance rates all season long (half what everyone else was paying). I let him rub my feet, and I sat with him and talked about our dogs even when I knew he wasn’t going to spend any more money.

The other day John came in for the first time this season. I was so excited when I saw him. He bought me a drink and we talked about our dogs and my break-up and the crappiness of Windows Vista. I tried to move him towards the VIP room but he wanted to talk some more. Another drink and some more talk. Finally we got back to the VIP room. I started dancing and waited for him to start his normal cuddly face rubby routine, with the little “mmm” noises. Instead, he grabbed me in a tight bear hug and started making cookie monster noises, like he was eating me! I loosened his grip a little and instead of respecting that he hung on even tighter, making even louder cookie monster noises.

At the end of the dance I asked if he wanted another one. Of course he would, he’s John and he always gets $100 worth of dances, right? Wrong. He’d rather come to my van. Again, he didn’t respect my “no” and kept pressing the issue.

He even said, “what happened to the Tara I loved last year who didn’t care about the money?”

I’m not sure how this happened. Maybe it’s a chemical/hormonal issue? I’ve seen older guys get this way with age and senility before, but he’s not that old. Or maybe he had some kind of trauma over the winter that I don’t know about.

It doesn’t really matter because I’ve totally dumped him as a customer.


  1. “It doesn’t really matter because I’ve totally dumped him as a customer.”

    Heartwarming. Really.

  2. Actually, Eric, because your a new commenter WordPress has me approve your comment before it shows up. It helps minimize the penis enlargment spam that somehow makes it to the comments. Now that I’ve approved you once it should automatically let you post again as long as you use the same info.

  3. It was unfortunate that John couldn’t just back off a bit. A job is a job but you shouldn’t be manhandled at work! As a stripper, you can tell him to back off. In other jobs, sometimes you can’t do that in fear of losing your job and not being able to feed yourself or your family (if that is the case). 😥

    It’s sad that you have to lose a good customer but others will come and respect your boundaries better.

    Blessed Be!

  4. I am sure my comment is unwelcome, but I am not a stripper – I don’t know what your relationship with this dude was, all I can comment on is it seems to me that you couldn’t really care about this guy and you didn’t have the time or the interest to know if there was a reason for his unexpected behaviour. In my opinion women always let you down when you need them most so I hope this guy didn’t feel he was any more than just another customer

  5. Tara… I am enjoying going back and reading your stuff. I’m glad I found you. I understand your reaction to “John” and would probably have done the same. I KNOW that you cared about him, before he changed, and I am sure that dumping him was painful to you. I’m sorry others don’t understand.

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