Stripping: Stage

I’ve been dancing with Davka and showing her some things, which makes me realize that I know some things. So, dear world, let me tell you some things about dancing on stage.

Walk out slowly. Strike a pose or a cute look somewhere in the middle back of the stage. As you’re doing it, look around and find the guys that are making eye contact with you, the guys that have their money out, the guys that aren’t even looking, etc. In your mind, take the amount of people at the stage and divide it into the length of the song you’re dancing to to figure out how long you should spend in front of each customer. If there are thirty customers and your songs are about three minutes, that’s ten seconds per customer, so count to five in front of each one because most of them’ll need the other five seconds to find their money/tell you you’re hot/etc.

Pick the guy making the most eye contact who looks the most entranced and is also the oldest and or fattest. He’s probably got the most money, the longest attention span, and is the most pleasant to dance for. Hold his eye contact and walk towards him slowly. You want to make him feel something like uncomfortable, which is also something like aroused. When you get to him do, well, do whatever you do at your club. Twirl around, shake your ass, do a couple body waves, lay down and spread your legs, whatever. Ask his name. Take his dollar(s) and go to the next guy. Just do a little dance for that guy, and take his dollar(s). Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Move slowly.

Hold eye contact with everyone.

Don’t look in the mirror.

If you have empty time to fill with no tipping customers, go to the center of the stage or the pole (sometimes the same thing, not always) and run your hands over your body. Act like you’re really into yourself. Move slowly, look down at yourself, arch your back, then look up and make eye contact with someone who’s looking at you and go over to get their dollar.

Time it so that at the end of your last song you’re in front of your best tipper who’s the most attracted to you. If he compliments you, say, “thank you. I’m even (whatever he said) in the (VIP/whatever). Come play with me?” If he doesn’t compliment you, just lean over and tell him that you’d like to dance for him privately now.


  1. i do the, im really into myself thing in the middle of the stage every time, i think its why everyone loves me on stage 🙂

    thanks for the tips about giving a show to the guys at your stage, i was working at a club where there was a lot of that and i wasnt quite sure how to do it cos id never danced on a stage where people tip 🙂

    you da best sista! xx

  2. That’s most excellent dancing advice. I wish I could like, save this as a favorite or most informative post somewhere.

  3. Athena, you can! You could favorite it at, or at, or with 😀

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