OMG, you guys HAVE been commenting.

(OMG stands for Oh My Goddess, of course).

All this time I just thought no one was commenting, and then Shamana Flora mentioned that she had tried. I started poking around and wow, there were a bunch of them waiting to be approved! And from some of my favorite most admired people, too.

Now, to answer some of the questions…

How do I handle canning? I have a pressure cooker. It can do five normal size jars at a time, which is normally enough for me, unless it’s summer and I’m bulk canning fish or something. Then I just have to do batches. I always follow the guidelines at this website –

How do I handle washing up? Me or the dishes? For the dishes if there’s a lot I’ll warm up water in the pressure cooker and wash them, or if there’s a little and I’m stuck in the car in the city, I do the same with the frying pan. For me, I have a spray bottle of water, and I stand in a warm sunny spot and spray and wipe. If I’m dancing I get a weekly membership at a gym (usually 15-40 dollars) where I can go run on the machines and shower every day. The running on the machines helps me feel skinny, even though I know that doing it as irregularly as I do probably doesn’t do much for my wieght.

Am I going to move into an RV? Heck no! I lived in a bus before this and it was waaay too much hassle. Too much breaking down, too much gas money, too much breaking down, not enough places too park, too much breaking down, too hard to drive in the cities, too much breaking down, and stuck out waaay too much at the titty bar. And did I mention the breaking down? I might consider a short bus or a step van at some point for a little more room… but probably not.

Why do I live like this? Cause I love it! Keep reading, and maybe it’ll make sense? I’ll try to post more about this soon…


  1. I never thought about canning on the road. I guess I assumed it was something nobody else thought of either. Wow! What about storage for your canned goods?

    I’m not so sure I could be as positive as you are, after the men you’ve encountered at work lately. 😯 I always want my place of work to be safe, and these kinds of men make me feel like anywhere they go is not safe…especially guys like Mr. SBS. 👿 Scary! I’d want a big dog with a mouthful of teeth to travel with me.

    Where are you off to next?

  2. No full size rv, how about a class B, the van conversions. They aren’t much bigger than an Astrovan. Some are pretty basic, others have ‘amenities’, both can be ‘stealth’. Maintenance wouldn’t be bad because of the size.

  3. What I have is more than enough for me, John, why should I want anything else?

  4. Kathleen, I mostly don’t have that much canned stuff at once.. 12 or 15 jars… and they’re in a drawer with some other stuff.

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