In the begining…

Last week (or was it last month?) it was too hot for me and my dog to sit in the van. We were in a city so we went to a park and I was sitting by a little man-made lake, crocheting, talking to dandelions, and throwing the ball into the lake for my dog. Even fake spots can be so beautiful. I nibbled on dandelion flowers and tried to figure out what to do about the hat I was crocheting and had accidentally made to big. Maybe if I decreased a couple rows it would have a stylish poof?

Just then a couple with a baby stroller and a cocker spaniel walked by and threw their empty soda bottles in the lake. I sent my dog to retrieve them so I could put them in the trash cans later. A nice older lady thought that was impressive and came over to talk. She knew what to do about the hat. We made small talk and she threw the ball a few times. She was from Vermont and had moved to the desert when she retired… what was I doing there? I told her I lived in my van and was just passing through the city to make money. I live in a van?! She was horrified, and even offered me her couch. It took a few minutes to convince her that I live in my van because I like it, and that I’ve got it set up with a nice comfy bed that I prefer to a couch. Once we surmounted that she asked what kind of work I was there in the city doing. I took a deep breath, anticipating the inevitable lecture about my self esteem, my (non-existant) abusive boyfriend and drug habit, my dark past, my self-image, and the dangers of selling my soul. When I exhaled I just shrugged and said, oh you know… whatever comes.

That night at the strip club it was slow, and I found myself hanging out in the dressing room with a suprisingly nice group of women. They gave me the run-down of the local clubs, how much to tip the DJ, where to buy stripper gear… all the stuff you need to know at a new club. Then they asked where I was from, what I was doing there? Just living in a van, passing through town, making money. Strippers appreciate this mobility, and they asked about clubs I’d been at all over the country. I told them about seasonal money from hunting seasons and conventions and little clubs in the middle of nowhere with big money. They asked where I’d been lately and I said I’d mostly been camping in national forests for the last couple months. Huh. Why would I do that, they wanted to know, why wouldn’t I go to the biggest cities and work in the nicest clubs and stay at ritzy hotels?

Almost everyone I meet reacts strongly to my lifestyle. People are shocked. But a lot of people are strippers. A lot of people live in vans (or RVs, or bicycles, or backpacks). Unfortunately strippers and hobos are largely invisible. This blog is here to make my lifestyle a little more visible, a little more real. I’ll try to update most days when I’m near internet access (which is often – even national forests are near motel parking lots with wifi). If you’re reading, I’d love it if you left a comment.


  1. I’m reading. I’m captivated. I’ve got one more attempt at mainstream success that I’m working on. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be joining on the road soon.

  2. Well, this is pretty cool. I’m 50 and I’ve gone through a LOT of changes in the last few years because of chemical sensitivities. Really took my blinkers off. I thought I was open minded before. Not! Refreshing to hear someone blogging about an “alternative” lifestyle and blogging with confidence about it. Very nice. Got your URL from VanDwellers, good site. Living with minimal impact is getting more and more interesting to me. I spent a week in November, in Ontario, living in my Lumina Van. Opened my eyes to what can be done.

    Van Dwelling may be in my future. Well, mine and my dog’s future.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the blog.


  3. An interesting little blog you got there. Maybe it’s the norm here but you don’t find a lot of strippers working out of a van in Canada. I could be wrong however. I met a Wiccan priest from California who was on his way to a conference up here in Toronto and he was very impressed with the open mindedness of Canadians. 😎

    Blessed be on your many journeys throughout the American midwest. If you get a chance sometime to go on Susun Weed’s Wednesday nite chat, it would be great.

    Love and Light!


  4. I stumbled across your blog, when I was reading a reply you made to someone else’s question about boondocking in Alaska.
    You seem to have a complete self contained existance including a way to make your expenses. I was wondering if you were planing to get something a little bigger ie, rv, to make travals a bit more comfortable? I traval quite a bit,but not fulltime, with my dog Wyatt the boarder collee, in a motorhome and sidecar motorcycle, so he can ride with me. I am planing to make the big trip up to Alaska, in a year or so, if I understand you grew up there? Most people I’m met from there, all seemed to be somewhat special people, not sure just what it is but they all seemed like no BS people.
    anyway just a word to say hello, and please keep the blog going
    see ya, and good luck

  5. I came across your site through Wide Lawns, Narrow Minds (Which I found through Violent Acres.) I decided to start reading, as I am intrigued.
    I have had friends who worked as dancers/strippers/etc. (whatever you choose to be called.) I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    I have to say women are better at it than men (I’m Gay).
    You will probably see more comments from me along the way.

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