I'm halfway!

Halfway through Canada, that is. Which puts me through all the cities and farms and factories and into the beautiful country. The slow down and enjoy it part. Except that the more it looks like home the more I just keep driving and driving. I love Alaska and I miss it so much. I don’t know why I ever leave. Maybe I never will again.

I ran into a young black bear today, by accident. I was looking for some arctic lupine to take a picture of after the rain and I was kind of half-heartedly following his tracks. I did know they were kind of fresh but I thought they were from earlier that morning when it was raining (because they had rain drop prints in them). Once we both got over our suprise we were both pretty friendly, and he let me sit down and watch him for a while, and even take a picture.



  1. oh that is just beautiful! what an awsome wonderful gift.
    nice picture too!
    did you find the lupine??
    i found wild onions today!

  2. I always love to hear how beautiful Canada is. Someday I would like to travel this great country. I once saw the northern lights in the Ottawa valley.

    I hope that you have fun travelling through Canada.

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