1. I’ve been seeking a mailing address for Judge Deni. I’d like to have an affect on her sleeping patterns…I hear she feels her decision was based on being able to sleep at night….

    and now an African Proverb

    When the Axe entered the forest One tree said to the others, “Look, the handle is one of ours…”

    Judge Deni, what a handle.

  2. I read what happened to that girl and what that stupid judge did. I hope she doesn’t sleep well at night for the rest of her life for that.

  3. The part of this story you don’t know is that this was a manipulation of the press by political operatives, who purposely fabricated a twisted version of the facts right before an election, to smear Judge Deni’s reputation for political reasons that have nothing to do with the case they used to launch the campaign against her.

    Once they got one paper to print their twisted version of the facts, the other papers piled on, repeating the false facts from the first story.

    What you think happened is not what happened, and her political opponents knew they had her over a barrel, because the rules of judicial conduct prevent her from arguing the facts of a pending case in the press.

    The operatives accomplished their goal, which was to create a public outrage to fan the flames of a public drum beat to remove Judge Deni from office.

    Some people will not find it easy to accept that they were played.

    Others who know how politics are played in Philly will acknowledge that what I am saying has a certain familiar ring of truth to it.

    I have known Judge Deni for better than 30 years, and know her to be a woman of honor and integrity. I am telling you that what you read in the papers, and the firestorm that was created out of it, was a calculated political manipulation that had nothing to do with the truth.

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