I was playing by the river with Bro. I’ve always been really paranoid about letting him swim in the river, because once he was swimming in the river and the way the sun was glinting confused/blinded him and he was just kind of floating away/swimming in circles. So I never let him swim in the… Continue reading Woops.

I circle…

I was here a few months ago, December maybe, and I slept in this same WalMart parking lot. I parked next to a pickup camper that was up on blocks with no pick up. When I woke up in the morning the guy had come out of his camper with his puppy and was talking… Continue reading I circle…

Some days it be like dat

I woke up late this morning in the WalMart parking lot (every time I say “WalMart parking lot” it makes me think of a song, Country Boy Can Survive, that was way overplayed at this little biker bar I used to work at in WV). Almost ever since my friend who is a very wise… Continue reading Some days it be like dat

Well, that didn't work.

The XP update, that is. The good thing about being a dancer tho, is that I meet lots of people in lots of professions from all over the world. Including a guy I affectionately call “tech support” who is overnighting me a CD that should work.

cross your fingers for me…

I’m about to try to “update” the new laptop from Vista to XP (yeah, I know.  But.  Small town.  No computer store.  Limited options.)  It’s a good laptop, hardware wise, but the Vista sucks.  It can’t even run windows explorer without crashing, much less Word. Hopefully I’ll be back online in a few hours….

Best Of Hobo Stripper

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