A day in pictures…

Can you guess where I am? 🙂

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger… they look way better that way!)

As much as I bitch about the tourists back home stopping every time they see a moose (in tourist season, a 2 hour drive can take 4 hours) when I saw a buffallo in the road I came to a screeching halt:


Look, the water’s boiling:


I watched another buffalo cross a stream:



A very hardy rose:


Steamy water…


Look, the steam comes out of a hole in the ground. And what do you think that hole is shaped like? 🙂


More steam vents…


If you haven’t guessed by now, this should do it…




  1. Wow, you were at old faithful and there were NO People! How awsome is that!!!
    That buff is HUGE. I knew they were big, but i’ve never been that close!
    Hope you are having a better time driving through this kind of country as opposed to farmland.

  2. I know you’ve stopped vandwelling but I have to say how much I enjoy your blog. I’m setting off in a few months in a minivan and I get a lot of inspiration from you, your strength, your carefree spirit, and your willingness to meet life wherever. I just wish your pictures were still available. I’m trying to come up with how to layout the minivan since I have a cat and I would love to see how your van was laid out. Anyway, thanks again for journaling your experiences and leaving a trail for others to follow. Blessed be.

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