Signs of life?

Bro stirs in the front seat, and I roll over under the thick down. My hair has become a cage of frost and it catches my hand as I reach out into cold air. I pull the hand back in quickly and shove it between my legs to warm up as I scrunch further down in… Continue reading Signs of life?

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Check it out

Audacia Ray, who is one of the most fascinating and accomplished women on the internet, has a new video blog. Video, can you imagine? Anyways, she reviewed me today, and you can watch it by clicking here.

Smoke and Light

The old smell of wood smoke wraps me up and carries me away as soon as I get out of the van. It pulls me down a trail I can’t remember, to a cabin I haven’t seen in over a decade. He whispers my name before he opens the door a crack, worried about a… Continue reading Smoke and Light

Life in bits

I can’t even explain how crazy last night was, complete with step-uncles in the tity bar, a drunk female customer slapping me, and other random drama. Instead I’ll tell you this funny tidbit from the end of the night. There’s a dancer at this club that’s a little crazy. It’s a long story that I… Continue reading Life in bits

Happy New Year!

I had the funniest stripper problem last night. I was in the dressing room rushing to finish my make up before stage. I’ve got this funny new gel eyeliner that you apply with a brush. It’s great stuff, but there’s definitely a learning curve and I accidentally made a big black blob at the corner… Continue reading Happy New Year!