Toy Review: Corset Harness

I’d played with strap ons before, but was never really impressed until a lovely experience I had in San Francisco recently. My friends strap on harness was made specially for her, and our anatomy is similar enough that the base of the dildo rested exactly on my clit, pushing firmly against it every time I pushed into her.

I thought I’d never find something like that for myself without paying a bunch of money to have it custom made, but I was wrong. The corset harness is the same, and it vibrates! And it’s pretty! It’s purple and ribbed and comes down in a perfect point in the center of my ass. It comes with three different sized rings for different dildos, and a bullet vibe that slips into a pocket right between your clit and the dildo.

As you’ll see (read) tomorrow, I’ve been putting it to good use. 😀


  1. that’s the one i have! thank you for reminding me i have a fucking cunt that needs happy pleasure. it’s been rough going over here… 😳

  2. Yes, this particular harness is one of my favorites. It’s more comfortable – and HOT! – than some of the others hidden away in my closet of desire. Glad you liked it. 😛

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