Strippers I have loved, v2

The first time I saw her it was my second night in a club full of barbie dolls. I remember my eyeliner was making my eyes water, and I was trying not to look like I was crying because I was just about to close the sale. I looked up at the stage and there she was, thick and brown and moving in the sexiest slow motion I’d ever seen to Depeche Mode.

Later we did a champagne room together. You know how some double dances are just so awkward? The other girl ignores you and it’s like your jockeying for lap space the whole time. Other times there’s good chemistry and you move in perfect synchrony, knowing exactly what the others about to do and exactly how to fake it together. That’s how it was for us, we had perfect chemistry right from the begining. After dancing for a while we sat around drinking champagne and told the customer a story about how we’d gone home together the night before and had awesome lesbian sex, and it was the first time with another girl for both of us. That was our first conversation, and it was believable enough that we stayed in the champagne room with that guy for hours.

Later we had real conversations. She was building a house near where I lived and we rode together a couple times. Her goal was to finish the house that summer. Every week, every night there was a new goal: $4,000 for the concrete truck, $1,000 here and there for lumber and drywall, $8,000 for the roofers until the summer was gone and it was paint and cabinets. She put $100k into that house that summer.

Then stripper drift happened. I left the club, she left the club. We talked every once in a while (“how’s the money where you are? have you been to club x lately?”). It was a couple years before we worked together again, at a world famous dive bar out in the boonies. Her first night, my last night.

She wore shoes with ribbons that laced all the way up her legs and we found a guy to take us to the champagne room together, for old times. We told him we’d met the night before and gone home together and had first-time hot lesbian sex, and we stayed in the champagne room for hours. It was the last time I saw her.


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