Stripper Challenge!

Susan, over at River City Kitty posted a Stripper Challenge: list every club and city you’ve worked in.

Here it is, by state, everyplace I’ve been naked even if it was only for a night or an audition. If you read through all of these you know you’re either a stripper or really bored.

The Spot/Charlies – Fairbanks
Showboat – Fairbanks
Reflections – Fairbanks
Bush Company – Anchorage
Crazy Horse – Anchorage
PJs – Anchorage
Good Time Charlies – Soldotna

Pete’s Place – Payson (they called me fat)
HiLiter – Pheonix
Stevi Secrets – Pheonix (ugh)
Band Aids – Pheonix
Christies – Scottsdale (they told me I needed to tone up)
TD’s – Tucson
Raiders Reef – Tucson
(There’s a lesson here – in Arizona I am fat and lapdances are only ten dollars.

Pleasures – Pasadena
Spearmint Rhino – Upland and Rialto
Hawaii Theatre – City of Industry
A place in La Puente that I think was named after some kind of bird?
Various hostess clubs, which aren’t strip clubs so I won’t list them here.

Teasers – Three Forks
Buffalo Station – Gallatin Gateway
Shotgun Willies – Billings

North Dakota
Whispers – Williston

Kahoots – Columbus
Dockside Dolls – Columbus
The Dollhouse – Columbus

Erotica – Pittsburgh
Silky’s – Pittsburgh
Climax – New Alexandria
Filly Corral – Smithton
Teasers – Kittaning
Club Elite – Pittsburgh
Bare Elegance – Pittsburgh

South Dakota
Racehorses – Salem

AllStars – San Antonio
PT’s – San Antonio
(I had a little trouble in Texas because I was underage and they were just starting to crack down on that kind of thing.)

West Virginia
Jills – Dallas Pike
Godfathers – Wheeling
My Club – Wheeling
Lady Godivas – Morgantown
Club Paradise – Morgantown
Christies Cabaret – Wierton
Rumorz – Wierton
Charlies – Wierton
Fantasy’s – Wierton


  1. Check out OG if you return to LV. Have tried all the clubs there, that was best — for me anyway. CP was OK but more expectation of unpaid conversation.

  2. I forgot Florida, too: Rachels in West Palm.

    desertgirl: I only worked in Columbus for one week stints. I was sleeping in my van, but I had a house back in PA. I was mostly lost the whole time (big city), and I mostly slept at a truckstop.

  3. Seriously? You travel all over the US and you’ve never been to new england? O man. I love my New Hampshire, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  4. Portland OR? ” Most strip clubs per capita ”
    (I’m late on starting your blog so you may not get this. I have become an avid follower with a daily mantra of WWHSD — “what would hobo stripper do” aka Tara aka Goddess)

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