No parts and that hobo-ing angst…

Well, my parts guys didn’t show up last night. I guess taking a transmission off was a little more involved than they thought. In fact, only three customers showed up all night long last night and I only made fifty bucks. Part of the time I spent holed up in the dressing room reading my Qigong book and writing in my journal, and I didn’t mind that part. The part that I spent sitting around with a customer who wasn’t paying me so that the club could make $100 in drink sales off me I minded more. It’s not that he wasn’t a nice guy, and an interesting conversationalist for the first 10 minutes or so, but if I’m gonna sit around being all pretty and entertaining I think I should be compensated. I especially minded later, at the end of the night when they wanted their five dollar cut of my one lapdance. So I refused to pay it. 😈

Now I’m having this angst. Should I stick around and go to work tonight, or should I take off now for the Bioneers conference in Little Amerikkka? I’ve already missed the first day of it, but I think it’s rather structured for people to miss Friday. Also I would have to get up early and be there at 8 in the morning, which might negate any social networking benefits. But I would get to see all the people that I didn’t stop to see a few days ago when I passed through because I was feeling all anti-social. I would miss seeing my friend/customer who’ll be in town down here for the weekend, who would probably drop a few hundred bucks on me and winterise my van (though I shouldn’t just assume that he will) and take me out for some nice steak dinners. Also I would miss the halloween party down here if I went. Which might be good because I don’t like halloween parties. They scare me.

I’m also considering driving south to a town of many art galleries and hippies but no strip club. I think the plants might still be alive there.

Anyways. No point agonizing over what the hell I’m going to do, I’m sure it’ll come to me.

(I should make a category for hobo angst, as much as I post about it.)


  1. Hang in there Lady T,

    Hope you make it to the conference instead, that’s more your cuppa tea as they say ^-^

    HUGS, stay safe as you travel.

    Love, Clarity and Protection,

  2. I hate it when I sit around all night, not make any money, and then realize that someone wants a take…

    Some nights I don’t mind not getting tipped, but being paid to make conversation, but when the truck payment is due, I’d rather be asked to do freaky things and make big tips, you know?

  3. Is that hobo angst? Because I have the same thing, like, I can’t tell you with certainty where I will be three weeks from now . . . maybe I’ll come back to Portland, or be in Bozeman, or go to Texas again . . . it’s the blessing and curse of mobility.

    But, like you said, no point in agonizing. And, hey, they aren’t charging a house fee right now, I bet. Stupid $10 stripper drinks with no fucking cut to the strippers. Argh.

  4. It was 91 in Phoenix today as I drove around with the convertible top down. Ice, cold, and dead plants is about as realistic to me as aliens from Mars. The only thing frozen around here is my pnut butter yogurt.

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