Inspirational Bloggers

Inspirational Bloggers

Raw Canadian Girl gave me this award. Yay, I’m inspiring! The way it works is that I’m supposed to pick five people to award it forward to. This is so unfair, because I am inspired by just about everyone over there on the sidebar. Plus, who I’m inspired by changes daily. One day I am totally inspired by thoughtful, intense women who know their own mind. The next day I’m in awe of great writers, or herbalists who understand everything about how bodies work, or people who’ve homesteaded and vehicle dwelled for so long it’s an art form, or people who have bravely just started to vehicle dwell, strip, or resist the patriarchy. So these are my inspirations of the moment:

Pixie, who blogs at Enchanted Gypsy, has inspired me for years, especially when I was moving into the bus. Her bus is the coolest bus I have ever seen, and she travels around doing good activism and making beautiful, spirited art with her husband, Moss, who makes music. And she just had a baby!

Avalon is SuperStripper incarnate. I read her blog and I’m like, “dude, I gotta start working more and saving more so I can be a succesfull SuperStripper(tm) and retire a millionaire.” Then I’m like, “um, not really.” But I’m still inspired to save more and learn more about putting my savings to work for me.

Jason and Giuli at Anthropik have also been inspiring me for a while. Way back when I was in Pennsylvania Jason sent an email to a list I was on saying he was going to skip out on civilization and take to the National Forests, where he would keep on the move and use his laptop to generate income for fishing and hunting liscences with his blog. I totally wanted to do that. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to fit a solar panel and sattelite in my backpack. Turns out he didn’t know either. But he’s still got a great blog – check out his brief history of western civilization on a rainy day.

Rosie and SNM inspire me to be a better writer. They both tell damn good stories. I also appreciate thier circular understanding and appreciation for the beauty of things. It’s a rare quality.

Ren, Octogalore, and Davka are a trio of inspiration. Ren reminds me not to be afraid of anger and to stay true to myself (even if I am a deluded victim of the patriarchy because I’m a stripper 🙄 ). Octogalore models very, very clear thinking for me and proves that lawyers aren’t all bad. And Davka. Davka teaches all the intricacies of female friendship.


  1. Thanks so much, Tara! You are a wonderful writer, yourself. You write about what you know and have a really unique point of view. I do hope at some point you do a David Sedaris style narrative…I think you would be a huge hit. There’s a great deal of warmth and humor in your voice.

  2. Thanks, Tara! That means a lot coming from such an Inspirational Blogger as yourself. Your blog gives a lot of perspective to people who are set in certain patterns. I love your wit and your voice.

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