I am rich in car parts.

There’s another reason I love this club, besides how it doesn’t discriminate against old women, fat women, transgendered women, or any other kind of women. It’s the only place in the world I’ve traded lap dances for fish, caribou meat, and mechanical labour. Hopefully, I’ll add car parts to that list tonight.

Two guys came in from a towing service up in Little America. They’re down here cleaning out the 500 or so cars in the city junkyard. The one I was talking to was very sweet and respectful. His friend was a dick and says I refused to dance for him before. I probably did, cause he’s an asshole. Anyways, the sweet guy said he would bring me an oil pan heater, block heater, battery warmer, roof vent, and a couple spare transmissions. I figure this is altogether worth about $400 worth of dances.

Cross your fingers for me that they bring it all in tonight. 😉


  1. I received a needed alternator just last week….and this week it happens to be pheasants in South Dakota 😉

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