1. the thing you don’t know is that he’ll keep playing fetch, on and on and on. if lona is willing to play along, no wonder he loves her! I always got tired of throwing th ball after a while.:) how cute. fetch in the van!

  2. Bro is so adorable! I love your blog, by the way – I really enjoy how you write beautifully and seemingly without judgement about all kinds of experiences you’ve had.

  3. Yeah, for most people the cute wears off after a few minutes. But those hitchikers we took from Vancouver to Whitehorse acted like he was cute the whole time!

  4. Haha, that is funny. I love dogs that return the ball/stick/whatebber to you so they can play again. My silly dog (growing up) would catch the stick and immediately bolt half a block away, thinking, I’m sure “IGOTDASTICK! IGOTDASTICK!!! OMGZ!, IGOTDASTICK!” Then drop it wherever, run back and want to play more.

    Never tried playing Catch in a van with her though – that probably would have helped.

  5. I also thought based upon one of your posts when you first got your cabin that Bro would look lots older.. He looks great!!! Louie (My dog) is another that will runs as far as he is able once he has the stick/ball/whatever… We had a van and a trailer for quite a while and it never helped us… Tied all the tricks, the best was play catch with Two items, and “trade” to get him to drop the first one…

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