It’s becoming very apparent that while I was in Alaska I lost all my hide-from-the-cop smarts. This sucks.

Do you guys think it’s suspicious to have a sun shade up in the window when it’s cold and snowy out?

It’s turning out that Katie and I really are twins. Or at least related. She already told the story on her blog.

And I’m late late late for work and have no time for internetting. This being at work at 5pm every day sucks, but at leat I’m making some major bank. 😀


  1. how do you do that? how do you make those words blue, so that you can click on them and go there???? 😯

  2. Kate, it’s html. I bet in blogspot you have a button above where you’re writing that has maybe a little chain picture or something on it? If you highlight the text you want to be a link and click on that button it will probably give you an opportunity to input the url you want to link to. If that doesn’t work I’ll tell you the more complicated way to do it…

  3. A sunshade when it is cold and snowy? Duh! Even GW Bush would think there was something going on in there. A horny couple if he was lucky; merely a sleeping stripper must be kind of a downer. LOL But a big pain in the ass for you. How about something hanging behind the driver’s seat? It might not be as dark but wouldn’t scream “Look at me”.

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