Always a new ending, always a new begining.

I left that little hippie town at midnight and didn’t get far. I meant to leave earlier but I was hanging out with Darcy, Lydia, and Glaserella. It was an awesome mix of herb people, massage people, sex workers, van dwellers, and a glass eating carnie. We set up my stove in a little park and ate soup:

And gave each other massages:

And drank tea:

And people let me henna them:

And Lydia’s van is really cool and I wanna get one of these toppers for my Astro (there’s a bed in the topper thingy, and it’s a cacoon bed just like mine, but higher):

Before all that, at Darcy’s house, there was much yumminess and I learned that you really can eat too much liver and Darcy formulated the perfect diet that would eliminate disease. Also she showed me how to make that drinkable chocolate that chocolate lovers in Anchorage pay so much for, and we ate buffalo liver and picked poplar buds.


  1. I just found your site through a link from a comment you made on Yaros blog…I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Are you still in the Asheville area? I have really enjoyed your blog and have gotten a world of good out of your links as well. My girlfriend and I are no longer van dwellers, we came off the road around 1999, we now own a bar and have been trapped here in the city for a while. We do plan on getting back on the road in a couple of years. If you are in the SE still give send us a message and thanks again for the great blog!

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